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"Because of you SHE CAN Event: Honoring Women to Support Girls

In 2018, an epitome of Beauty in the community came full circle. This is the year Shoo Cosmetics decided to bring a few women together to celebrate one another just not for the moment, but to create a moment in the community that would give younger girls a space of well-being. 
Since the first year of the Summer Brunch, we have been able to give scholarships, pay for standardized tests, purchase school uniforms, donate to several other non-profit organizations. 
Our most recent project, Pledge4Pads, was one of the best summer events we had to date. Shoo Cosmetics was able to have 1,000,000 (one million) feminine pads donated to us to share with women and girls around the world. 
We say quite often that our customers are the best in the beauty industry and there's no way Shoo Cosmetics can stand rooted with strength and stability in the space of community service without our wonderful customers!