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BOW  (B.O.W.) : 2 for $12
BOW  (B.O.W.) : 2 for $12
BOW  (B.O.W.) : 2 for $12

BOW (B.O.W.) : 2 for $12

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2 Bottles (1 oz each) 

This 2-in-1 Oil is formulated with Benne Oil, Okra Oil and Watermelon Oil to hydrate and moisturize the hair and skin. The seeds are cold-pressed and the oil is bottled right here in the USA. Did you know the Benne, Okra and Watermelon plants are originally from Africa? Yes!  This oil formulation is full of natural ingredients, including Vitamin E and Omega Oils, to promote Healthy Hair and Younger Looking Skin. You will thank us later! 

  • 2 bottles per order (1 oz each) 
  • Made in the USA
  • Seeds are Cold-pressed 
  • Formulated by a science teacher 


Oil for Hair
*Decreases Hair Dryness
*Helps to Stimulate Hair Growth
*Keeps New Growth Moisturized and Hydrated
*Keeps Braided Hair Hydrated
*Decreases Frizziness for Curls
*Anti-Microbial to Keep Scalp Healthy and Balanced
*Great Finishing Oil that is light 

Oil for Skin
*Hydrates Skin 
*Decreases the Appearance of Dark Spots and Fine Lines
*Natural Vitamin E to Keep Skin Moisturized
*Penetrates Deeply into the Skin
*Anti-Inflammatory to Decrease Acne
*Detoxifies Skin and Anti-Microbial 
*Contains Natural Collagen