Eco-Chic: 9-Free, Trendy Names, Cruelty-Free, Fashionable Colors and Made in the USA

shOO thanks ALL customers for their PRE-ORDERS! Having you to believe in this company, as far as our products and mission, makes this journey worthwhile.  In addition, shOO wants to thank the VIP customers who are the FIRST shOO customers in her state to purchase our nail polish!  No matter what profession you are in, shOO truly believes girls are Smart, Hopeful, Original and Optimistic enough to empower herself, her community and the world with beauty, style and grace! Thank you shOO VIP customers for being the first to start the shOO trend across the USA! This is just the beginning for shOO and we thank you for making shOOHistory with us.

Until next time, continue to make a young girl's dream come true by helping her SHINE WITH A PURPOSE!

1. M. Blythers                     2. T. S-Breymeyer
    Nurse                                 Manager
Georgia                                 South Carolina

3. N. Brassell                       4. Dr. R. Wilkerson
Housewife/Mom                    Chemist
Kentucky                              Ohio

5. S. Justice Manager         6. G.  D-Glass 

  Manager                          Educator

   North Carolina              Illinois


7.  A. Madden                8.  A. Williams

Housewife                       Director

Florida                            Maryland

9.  M. Gonzalez                 10.   P. Poellnitz 


New Jersey                           Tennessee

11. S. Thomas                12.  T. MacFarlane

Pre-School Teacher           Philanthropist

Louisiana                           California

13.  J. Rizzi                 14. A. Mahaffey

Investigator                   Bank Manager

Virginia                         West Virginia

15. L. Crutcher           16. E. Perry

First Lady                      Entrepreneur

Oklahoma                    Pennslyvania

17.  E. Whiting                18.  J. Elmore

Engineer                         Hair Stylist

Oregon                           Washington

19.  C. Smith             20.   J. Moultrie


Arizona                       Hawaii

21.  D. Johnson     22. B. Hemby 

                             Interior Decorator

Mississippi           Alabama

23.  A. Vereen            24.  Dr. N. Males

Housewife/Mom             Educator

Utah                             Montana


25.  J. Ajani               26.  D. Jones

Professor                     Soldier

New York                   Connecticut

27.  V. Turner                28.  L. Jones-Taylor

Federal Supervisor       Educator

Indiana                         North Dakota

29.  M. Moore            30.  E. Tolliver

Texas                                Nevada

31.  L. Greene                  32.   J. Lucero

District of Columbia            New Mexico

33. N. Walker